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A Touch of Class Choir
Our choir learns various music styles and performs throughout the school year. Performances include: Community concerts, choir festival, solo festival(optional), assemblies for Veteran's Day, home coming and more. Students may do choir and still participate in sports and other activities. Our parent Choir Booster Club helps students earn money throughout the year.
10/7 Sing for Homecoming
10/? Assembly of the Arts-during school
11/10 Veteran's Day Assembly-during school
12/14 "Around the Town" caroling performances-during the day
12/14 Christmas Concert- 7 p.m.
1/13 Martin Luther King Assembly-during school
1/28 Solo/Ensemble Festival- (optional) at West Valley High School
2/16-19 All N.W. and All State Choir-(optional) at Bellevue
3/15 EWMEA Choir Festival-at Lewis and Clark High School
3/15 Spring Concert-7 p.m.
4/21 Possible Overnight Choir Festival Trip-TBA
4/28 State Solo Festival-(optional) in Ellensburg
5/24 End of the Year Choir Concert and Awards Night-7 p.m.
6/9 Choir sings at Graduation( INB Opera House)-TBA