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Class Behavior system
Our class is always " HOP - n - " !
Each day your child will start their day with a little frog with their name it, on a "LOG" .
The goal is for the Frog to stay on the log all day for good behavior.
If there are errors made that day that are important for the family to know, I will note this on the calendar by circling a different letter of our "classroom behavior system" and the frog will move down to the "lily-pad", and if there is another problem the child will have to move their frog again to the "NET". At the end of the day students will take this calendar home to share their day with their parents.
This is how parents will be informed of small problems. - the calendar stays in their "homework" folder.
IF there is a serious problem a pink slip will be stapled to the calendar and your signature will be needed to note that you saw the "infraction".

If you ever have any questions PLEASE let me know!

Let's have a HOORAY hop-n good day in Kindergarten everyday!!!!

H = Hooray
O = Opps ( 1st reminder )
P = Problem ( 2nd reminder )
S = Serious problem - Pink SLIP referral

Are you excited for Kindergarten?
Are you excited for Kindergarten?

Each day we will . . .

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