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Class Behavior system:
Our class always begins with a Smile and a catchy Jingle.

Jingles are repetitive rhyming song-like phrases that are auditory messages of expectations, routines, SEL ( Social Emotional Learning) support, school rules and ways to behave.

Ex. 1st expectations upon entering the classroom.
"Coats in the cubbie, folders put away, it's going to be a Happy Day!"

T-Chart: Smilies and Saddies:
Tally marks are recorded by the teacher on either side of the "T-chart" to teach the class the two types of behavior.
Smilies = appropriate vs Saddies = inappropriate
This is a nonthreatening Whole Brain Learning approach.
At the end of the day the tally marks are counted, turning the chart into a math sentence and great visual learning tool.

CES School-wide Behavior Expectations:
Be Respectful
Be Responsible
Be Safe
Violations of any of the 3 may result in either a "minor referral" (yellow form) or "major referral" (pink form)

Are you excited for Kindergarten?
Are you excited for Kindergarten?

Each day we will . . .

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